Remote Sensing
- Hyperspectral processing & interpretation for environmental baselines & exploration
- Multispectral land use/land cover (LULC), geologic and enviromental mapping
- Oil & Gas Exploration
- Mineral Exploration
- Scoping appropriate remote sensing & GIS technology
- Designing and implementing new data acquisitions
- hyperspectral (ground, airborne, and satellite),
- multispectral (DigitalGlobe, Airbus, Landsat, Sentinel-2, ASTER, etc.)
- thermal (ASTER)
- Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

Project Management - Remote Sensing & GIS
- Establishing environmental baselines using remote sensing & GIS
- Documenting the most appropriate and cost-effective procedures and technology
- Oil, gas, & mineral Exploration
- Building ready-to-load GIS databases
- Developing FGDC-compliant metadata
- Modelling surface drainage from DEMs
- Reports

- Practical PC- and Internet-based remote sensing & GIS
- Successful case histories using remote sensing & GIS
- Using DEM's and 3D stereo mapping to improve understanding and mapping accuracy

Training Material Examples
- Tutorial video for seeing a complex GIS database in a user-friendly & FREE GeoPDF
        DropBox Download: 
- GeoPDF (with hyperlinks to documents)
        DropBox Download:
- Tutorial video on using FREE ArcGIS Explorer to review a modern carbonate GIS database
        DropBox Download: 
- Tutorial vido on using FREE Google Earth to review some modern carbonate images & maps
        DropBox Download:
- Video showing how remote sensing imagery can be used for bathymetric mapping and landform analysis
        DropBox Download: